The works of Environmental Society(BÜÇEK)

Environmental Society(BÜÇEK) particularly, there should be cooperation and an efficient participation of all the students club. Following sub-committees were established with the involvement of the members of BÜÇEK in 2013.

Raising awareness to bicycle usage, bike workshop, and technical issues.

Raising awareness among students solid and hazardous waste and management.

Searching for the possible cooperation with the international partners.

Preparing social media announcements and recording clips.

Organic Farming, “Tarlataban”, compost. etc.

Conducting studies regarding the environmental extent of the canteen and cafeterias.

Moreover, “GreenFest” a regularly organized activity by the members of BÜÇEK  shows the significance of the student’s awareness of sustainability applications. There are an enormous number of organisations and institutions in festival so that the participants can establish idea and experience sharing. There are some activities during the festival in Güney Square such as the slowest bicycle contest, free seed delivery, the art made in waste.

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