The works of Construction Club(BÜYAP)

Construction Club(BÜYAP), one of the rooted and active club of Boğaziçi, were established in 1987. Civil engineering students and other students who have interests in this field are to gather in the activities and to prepare the members and the participants into a professional life in an entertaining way.

“Design&Construct Steel Bridge Competition,”a special one for Turkey and Europe, gathers several engineering and architecture students from all over the world and stands as an outstanding experience of design with the scene of a unique Bosphorus. “Civil Career “, an activity where most significant and successful people in the sector are hosted, presents different perspective from the university chairs to the professional life as a carrier day. The technical visits held in domestic or abroad gives a chance to the students make observation in the field. “Our Primary School” is a project initially started from the idea to supply equal education everyone. It raises the social awareness and enables members to participate the process itself. “Civil Meeting Alumni” is an activity organized with IACES where local and international civil engineering alumni meet. It enables to create an atmosphere where experiences are shared, and cultural interactions are established.

Since it was found, BÜYAP has been improving its mission and objectives and open to new ideas and will be a club ready to advance.
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