Sustainable Development Solutions Network-Youth Initiative(UNSDSN-Youth)

Sustainable Development Solutions Network - Youth Solutions (SDSN Youth), having started its studies in May 2014, by gathering the world youth under the roof of SDSN provides to increase the contribution of young people for Sustainable Development Goals to be fulfilled. With the support of Prof. Jeffrey Sachs who is the Director of the Institute of Earth Sciences of Columbia University, the official foundation preparations of SDSN Youth were started in October 2014. The foundation among the members of which students from Australia, Turkey and Italy play a part held its official inauguration in Paris on June 4, 2015 with the participation of representatives of Turkey.
In this pioneering initiative, who has members from all over the world and whose number is expected to increase exponentially in the future, it is aimed that Sustainable Development Solutions Network - Youth Solutions will create an impact in the field of sustainability in short and long terms by working together with UNSDSN Turkey in Turkey. With this network via which the young people between 15-30 ages and the groups that young people have created will be respresented, regional solutions for the global problems can be provided. As SDSN Youth | Turkey, the primary objective is to prepare a suitable platform for groups who want to come together in this direction and to increase awareness via sustainability trainings.

SDSN Youth | Turkey has been incorporated into the youth network with the interferences of University Institute of Environmental Sciences Assistant Professor, Boğaiziçi University Sustainable Development and Clean Production Centre (BU-SDCPC) Director, The Co-chairman of UNSDSN Turkey Office and Boğaziçi University Green Campus Coordinator Assoc. Dr. Nilgün Cılız.

By SDSN Youth in September, a campaign named #KnowYourGoals was launched with the aim of increasing the awareness towards the Sustainable Development Goals. In this campaign individuals or organizations have aimed to discuss possible solutions by providing young people and all relevants with acquiring knowledge about Sustainable Development Goals by organizing various workshops. Although the activities are in the planning stage yet #KnowYourGoals, organized 116 times in 40 countries, aims to reach 20,000 people worldwide between September - November. Active and efficient panel discussions have been arranged in Kenya, Nigeria, Australia, the United States, Benin, Turkey, India and in many other countries. SDSN Youth | Turkey has organized four workshops in 2015. The first of these was held in cooperation with Boğaziçi University Sustainable Development and Clean Production and Research Centre (BU-SDCPC) and Columbia Global Centers | In Turkey in September; the second was held in cooperation with Unilever Turkey and the BU-SDCPC in October; the third was held in cooperation with BU-SDCPC, GelecekDahaNet, Yeşilişt, ve Boğaziçi University Environmental Club; the fourth was held in cooperation with BU-SDCPC in November in Climate Forum. A total of 150 people from various high schools, companies, universities, non-governmental organizations, associations and including municipalities encouraged participation to the workshops.

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