Sustainable Development Solutions Network | Turkey (SDSN | Turkey)

United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network(SDSN) was established by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and Columbia University the President of Earth Sciences Prof. Jeffrey Sachs on August 9th,2012.This network mobilizes to scientific and technical experts from academic, civil and private sector to solve the related problems of sustainable development at a local, national and international level. This solution network enables to promote the common learning of economic, social and environmental issues and to get over the political and technical compartmentalisation. Apart from other international organizations, SDSN works with other UN’s agencies and multilateral financial institutes.SDSN has started to the attempt solution projects to support the countries developing a long-term development program, to initiate and spread the practical approaches to eliminate the barriers out of the front of the sustainable development.The Mediterranean territory is represented by Siena University. Bogazici University also joined this network and Sustainable Development and Clean Production Center President Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nilgün Cılız was assigned as the focus of Turkey. This association was announced at Bogazici University on November 5th,2013. UNSDSN Turkey Network, continues its activities with the thematic areas of sustainable cities, sustainable agriculture, sustainable education, Massive Open Online Courses(MOOCs), climate change, gender equality, the methods of avoiding the carbon and the youth and green campus.

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