Graduate and Post Graduate Thesis

The Master’s Thesis of Ecological Sciences Institute: The studies of the refutation of the food wastes in anaerobic environment generated in the refectory of Bogazici University and restaurants inside the campus along with life cycle impact assessment of its usage are conducted within the Program of “Life Cycle Impact Assessment of an Anaerobic Digestion Plant for Organic Wastes Generated from Bogazici University” Sustainable and Green Campus.
      Biogas plant (OOÇT) appropriate for the university is designed within the project. Designed plant can attain power valuing 300 kWh and this amount corresponds to 16% power required for the indoor pool in the Hisar Campus.

     The methodology of life cycle analysis (YDA), one of the most effective ones among environmental stability mechanisms is applied at the final stage of the study. The refutation technology in the anaerobic environment provides impact global warming impact reduction in the ratio of 97.8%. The impact reduction in the ratio of 85% can be provided for other categories (acidisation, formation of photochemical ozon, eutrophication in the aquatic and continental environment.

    The outputs of the project are presented as a master’s thesis by Merve Tunalı, a graduate student from Ecological Sciences Institute within the counselling of Dr. Nilgün Cılız in 2012.