In 2011 the study of following water, energy and carbon footprint and their waste values via SoFİ software started with the support of Boğazici University Scientific Research Projects,then it continued in 2014 with water and carbon footprint calculations of selected buildings.
In the scope of the study, 1. Male Dormitory, 1. Female Dormitory, Faculty of Science and Literature, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Rectorate Building, Natuk Birkan Building, BTS Building, Student Activities Building and Kennedy Lodge were investigated.
Electricity, natural gas and water consumptions were taking into consideration in footprint  calculations.
Collecting, evaluating, modeling and reporting of related environmental values are provided via the SoFi software platform of environmental, social, and economic sustainability management and reporting. For this purpose in South Campus, water and electricity counters were placed in nine buildings separately and taking measurements monthly. This study enables to follow of buildings environmental performances, to calculate total influence as well as determining of recovery required focal points in campus and doing required improvements.
The water footprint is measured by the consumed and/or polluted water amount in the unit of time. In the water footprint section of the study, total clean water amount consumed in selected buildings were investigated and total water footprint was determined as 15304 m3 for selected six buildings. With the water footprint study, decreasing of wastewater amount, reuse of wastewater by decontamination from its chemical loading, and a reveal of these environmental achievements to ‘’ Sustainable Campus Program’’ will be possible. In 1. Male dormitory, there has been a membrane bioreactor unit for the purpose of gray water recovery, it meets the average water requirement which is 6,5 m3 in toilettes daily. This value is equal to 15% of water -taking from the total network- consumption value for 1. Male dormitory.